Perimeter Protection

Security Cameras

We supply multitude of camera systems depending on the customer’s goals of surveillance. In order to place a supply or an installation order, it is necessary that some reflections be made on the following issues:

  • Do you desire to monitor visitors or intruders coming in and going out of your house?

  • Do you desire to monitor employee behavior or prevent theft by employees or customers?

  • Do you desire to simply keep track of foot traffic into your office space?

  • Do you desire to monitor doors, windows and hallways?

  • Do you desire to monitor surroundings and streets around your house or office or other public places?

  • Will the cameras be used 24/7 or only during business hours or out of business hours ?

  • Will you need camera with infrared capabilities to capture images in the dark?

  • How long do you plan to store the video footage and what kind of storage system will you need?


Different security camera options @ Nawetti Security. Make you informed choice

Lighting Systems


Good lighting systems are a must for home and office security. Besides the installed security cameras, it is common knowledge that a well lit environment often deters potential criminal behaviors.

Ordering lighting systems will depend on the position and purpose of usage, thus, the following reflection should be made:

  • Leaving the lights on all the time can be expensive and wasteful, so what hours do you need your lighting systems to come-on?

  • Do you desire motion activate lights that turn-on only when motion is detected?

  • The areas where lighting is needed are those areas covered by security cameras?

security lights different

Different security lighting options @ Na Wetti Security. Chose after FREE consultation.

Fences and Gates:


Fence: The fence acts as a barrier built to deter people or animal from crossing a boundary. It can either be electric or non-electric. Depending of personal and/or organizational needs, most electric fences are used to enhance security of sensitive areas such as prisons, military installations, uncontrolled movement of cattle, and other security sensitive places.


Gates: The gate is commonly used for perimeter protection. It restricts unauthorized access to premises. Just as the case with electric fences, electric gates can be used by those who find the security of their premises highly important.

Doors and Locks


Good locks are most regarded as the first line of intruder protection. Locks protect and limit access to opening doors, gates, safes, etc., thus:

  • It is important to install high security locks and electronic access control units on all doors and closets that have private information or hazardous materials, outside doors, basements etc

  • Make sure all doors are solid and door frames/hinges are strong enough that they cannot be pried open. Be certain all windows are secure.

Safe and Vault Systems


A safe (also called a strongbox or coffer) is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft and/or damage from fire. A safe is usually a hollow cuboid or cylinder, with one face being removable or hinged to form a door.


A vault is a secure space (especially in a bank) where money, valuables, records, and documents are stored. It is intended to protect their contents from theft, unauthorized use, fire, natural disasters, and other threats, much like a safe.


Making a choice of either a safe or a vault will depend on the sensitivity of the valuable objects you desire to protect and/or the nature of your business. Below are some differences:

  • Though both safes and vaults are used to keep valuables locked away and safe, a vault is often built in whereas a safe can be freestanding. Yet, safes may be built into walls as well. Most vaults are freestanding ‘safe-rooms” versus little steel boxes. A key way to think about this difference is to think of a bank vault—essentially a room that has been reinforced with steel and other protective devices.

  • Simply, vaults are just bigger and better safes. The most sophisticated safes in the world are called vaults because they share many of the same characteristics as those ultra-secure bank vaults.

Automobile Security systems:


Under this category, we provide car alarm systems that help in triggering a siren installed within the car in case the security guard of the car is bridged. With our partners, we also install car tracing GPS device that monitors the movement and position of the car in case of theft.


Modern locks, car alarm systems, safes and secured fence and gate models @ Nawetti Security | Free Consultations


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