About Us

About Us

Physical and Digital Security Services and Equipements

Na Wetti Security is an incorporated business under MAHSRA INCORPORATE CO. LTD that deals with the provision, installation and management of security systems within homes, organizations and other work and leisure places. We also specialize in security consultancy and training services that covers both individual and organizational physical and digital security worries. Started in the year 2016, Na Wetti security, endorsed with duly trained and qualified staff and network partners, have secured several buildings with anti-theft, anti-intrusion and surveillance monitoring systems. We have also trained several Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) and journalists and their organizations across national and international levels on security analyses, and making protection planning and management for themselves and their organization. 


we build your ideas in reality

At Nawetti Security, we believe in team work and partnership boosting over trusted services. We bring your security dreams and thoughts to reality.

Just think of it and we will have it done for you!

We provide a variety of security services at varying levels and offer consultations for Free. Contact us over your security issues and we will guide you on your security needs.

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What We Do

Perimeter Protection

We offer and install varying security camera systems/CCTV, Good Lighting Systems, Varying Alarm Systems, Protective Fences and Gates models, Safes and vaults, Doors and Locks, and Automobile Protection Systems.

Security Training

We offer a host of capacity building trainings in advocacy, risk analyses and protection planning for individuals and organizations, including: Human Rights Defenders (HRD), Journalists, Men and Women of the Clergy and other persons at risk because of their usual activities/professions.  

Office Networks

We offer office and home network equipment and installation services. This includes basic capacity building lessons for our installed network management necessities.  

Hours Of Work
Projects Completed
Awards Won

Our Technical Team

Dr. Kelly NGYAH is CEO at MAHSRA and expert trainer in policy advocacy, security analyses and protection. Main director general of Na Wetti concepts and businesses worldwide   

Dr Kelly NGYAH CEO and Key Trainer

Executive director of PEP Sans Frontieres and French language trainer in physical and  Digital Security. 


Van Bisseng


Brand ambassador of concept Na Wetti and incharge of public relations and adminstrative personnel management.

Mirabel Leh Marketing Officer


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