Physical and Digital Security Services and Equipments

Offering High Quality Security Equipments, Installation and Management Services, Individual and Organisational Security Planning and other Home and Workspace Risk Analyses and Protection Considerations

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Na Wetti Security at your Service for your safety.


With Na Wetti Security, your safety is our priority. We consult you, we pay close attention to your worries and advise you on your security needs for FREE. We do not only provide you with your assessed security needs but we assure that you understand what you are using and can manage it by yourself. We do not stop there, we continue to follow-up your security challenges and ensure that you get the best available advise on beefing-up your security measures.

Until you feel completely safe, our work is not done. CHOOSE US ALWAYS


About Us

Supplying Physical and Digital Security services and Equipments

Na Wetti Security deals with the provision, installation and management of security systems within homes, organizations and other work and leisure places. We also specialize in security consultancy and training services that cover both individual and organizational physical and digital security worries. Na Wetti security, believes in partnership and networking growth spirit. Besides supplying and installing surveillance gadgets, we are strongly involved in capacity building and training on risk management and protection planning for individuals and organizations. Our training modules are dynamically structured to suit individual needs.


Our Specialties

perimeter issues

Perimeter Protection

CCTV, Lighting Systems, Locks & Doors, Fences and Gates, Alarm Systems, Safes and Vaults, Automobile Security Systems, Office Networks and intercomm.   


Security Training

Physical & digital protection, employee and company safety management procedures, HRDs, Journalists, clergy and others at risk safety measures.



Local area networks, wireless networks, Intercomm.

we build your ideas in reality

At Nawetti Security, we believe in team work and partnership boosting over trusted services. We bring your security dreams and thoughts to reality.

Just think of it and we will have it done for you!

We provide a variety of security services at varying levels and offer consultations for Free. Contact us over your security issues and we will guide you on your security needs.

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 Our Sample Projects and Activities

perimeter issues

Partner & Network Organisations


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