Our Security Training and Capacity Building Methodology


Training Methodology

Training scope aspires to feed participants with adequate basic knowledge and practical skills to manage their individual security concerns and to impart knowledge achieved within their organisations. Thus in achieving this, our trainings follow but are not limited to the following methodological steps:

Interactive and totally participatory approaches.

Experience sharing and cross-examination.

Analytical exchanges on pertinent examples.

Group work cases based on individual experiences.

Strict application of the “Do No Harm" principle in HRD's works and security management endeavours.


HRDs and Journalists Physical and Digital Security Interactive Training Session


Security Considerations in Conflict Zones


During armed conflict periods and zones, the need for individual and organizational security measures become very demanding and the level of personal and work risks increase. Therefore critical thoughts and live saving actions are prioritised. Na Wetti Security via its training programs considers and empowers persons at risks in some and more of the following ways:


Work mission, place and travel risk assessments and consideration to engage.

Evaluation of situational currents and realities of concerned conflict.

Assessment of secured work needs and risk management requirements.

Building of a protective and survival network/emergency plan response.

anglophone crisis

Armed Conflict in Anglophone Cameroon endangering lives of HRDs and Journalists


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